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A professional project is a successful project, and it’s the Public Relations division’s job to show the world how elegant, sleek and polished we are. We are the project’s representatives in front of everybody else, from sponsors to partners and speakers. And to that, we aim to hunt for the best of the best; to seize the perfect opportunity to ensure the rise of our initiative.



A man who knows his duties is a man who’s meant to be successful. So here I present to you our mission.

A) Responsible for obtaining contacts of future affiliate s and contacting them.

B) Writing proposals for future projects.

C) Negotiating for deals with partners.

D) Planning for and organizing events. 



In order to apply for a position, you should have the following set of essential skills.

A) Good communication skills.

B) Good presentation skills.

C) Good writing skills.

D) Excellent negotiation skills.

E) Methodical approach to find information about sponsors and their contacts.

F) Ability to work in a stressful environment.

G) Excellent problem-solving skills.

H) Initiative.

I) Ability to prioritize and plan effectively.

J) Creativity.

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