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Awareness Campaigns:

Providing health tips, correcting wrong habits, showing healthy postures.

Beauty of Brain Project (BoB):

targeting young teenagers, teaching them the wonders of the human brain.

IFON Conference for BoB graduates:

Future of Neuroscience (IFON) brings specialists lecturing major issues

School Seminars for Mental Awareness

Providing free mental awareness tips and lectures for school students.

Street Doctor

“Street Doctor” is a nonprofit organization aims to spread the awareness about neuroscience and mental health issues through seminars, Lectures and simplified academic posts.

Street Doctor has been nominated for “King Abdallah II Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement” as one of the top ten innovative ideas in the Arab world and has been honored by the king.

In five years, our content has reached more than 10,000 audiences, through:

• Organizing more than 50 lectures and seminars for neuroscience at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Moreover, the organization of a program under the name “Beauty of the Brain” which aimed to deliver basic knowledge of neuroscience and mental health issues for 4 years in a row.

• Organizing of “Innovative Future of Neuroscience” (IFON) conference for 3 years in a row to discuss the most important issues regarding mental health such as toxic parents, psychological trauma, and applications of neuroscience with the presence of many experts of this field as lecturers.

• Organizing more than 45 medical awareness campaigns in streets and more than 10 campaigns for students at schools and universities at Cairo and Alexandria for awareness of physical illness as back pain.

  • Street Awareness Campaigns
  • School Awareness Campaigns
  • Neuroscience Programs
  • Mental Health Seminars

Science Visualization

We are keen on delivering neuroscience with the public throughout our educational programs, seminars, lectures, and conference.