About us

“Street Doctor” is a nonprofit organization aims to spread the awareness about neuroscience and mental health issues through seminars, Lectures and simplified academic posts.

Street Doctor has been nominated for “King Abdallah II Award for Youth Innovation & Achievement” as one of the top ten innovative ideas in the Arab world and has been honored by the king.

In five years, our content has reached more than 10,000 audiences, through numerous activities and campaigns, as we mention for example:

• Organizing more than 50 lectures and seminars for neuroscience at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Moreover, the organization of a program under the name “Beauty of the Brain” which aimed to deliver basic knowledge about neuroscience and mental health issues in 14 seminars for 3 years in a raw.

• Organizing of “Innovative Future of Neuroscience” (IFON) conference for 3 years in a row to discuss the most important issues regarding mental health such as toxic parents, psychological trauma, and applications of neuroscience with the presence of many experts of this field as lecturers.

• Organizing more than 45 medical awareness campaigns in streets and more than 10 campaigns for students at schools and universities at Cairo and Alexandria for awareness of physical illness as back pain and spinal column problems.

At Street Doctor we have the message of spreading awareness about neuroscience in general especially mental health issues which receive some misunderstandings or social stigma and try to deliver knowledge in a simple way holding the motto “You Deserve to Heal”, so we would like to ask for your support and share the content with your friends to spread the awareness.


Making a healthier change in people’s life

Strategy Process

Awareness campaigns scientific seminars, lectures, programs, and conference.


Enhance the public awareness of the mental health.
about us

Street Doctor hopes to accomplish high awareness among society members

Street Doctor operates at various medical fields on the hands of qualified medical professionals, to help in spreading awareness
and teach the next generation the importance of the following:

Mental Health
Physical Therapy

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What we do!

Throughout Street Doctor’s street session we:

More than 1.000 Egyptian citizens have been advised randomly in the streets, in a direct and effective manner using well prepared and scientifically reviewed presentations that give sufficient information for public in a simple, direct and effective way.

Poor Body Postures

Clarify the wrong daily habits and how to correct body postures in different body positions. Elaborate the negative reflections of poor postures on the spine and general health.

Keep Moving

Encouraging the public to move and avoid prolonged static postures during the day.

Physical Dysfunctions

Discuss the causes of the most common physical dysfunctions such as low back pain, disc lesions, osteoarthritis, etc.