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The job is responsible for handling issues related to the individuals and members. Establishing, applying, and developing procedures, policies, and plans regulating employee recruitment processes and organizing procedures for managing their affairs during volunteering, to ensure the effective use of human resources in Street Doctor, and follow up on everything related to serving their members and developing their skills and abilities to achieve continuity, development, growth, leadership, and excellence for the community.



  1. Consistently recruiting an excellent staff
  2. Maintaining a smooth onboarding process
  3. Training, counseling and coaching staff members
  4. Resolving conflicts through positive and professional mediation
  5. Carrying out necessary administrative duties
  6. Conducting performance reviews
  7. Developing clear policies and ensuring policy awareness
  8. Creating clear and concise reports
  9. Giving helpful and engaging presentations
  10. Maintaining employee and workplace privacy



In order to apply for a position, you should have the following set of essential skills.

A) Good communication skills.

B) Good observer

C) Good writing & presentation skills.

D) High level of commitment

E) Flexibility

F) Ability to work in a stressful environment.

G) Excellent problem-solving & Active listening skills.

H) Initiative.

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