Street Campaigns

For more than four years, Street Doctor has created over 15 campaigns focusing on physical diseases in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt.

We choose a highly crowded area in which we hold our sessions, providing free consultations to passersby, and patients complaining from a specific physical disease, the rare, and most common ones.

More than 1.000 Egyptian citizens have been advised randomly in the streets, in a direct and effective manner using well prepared and scientifically reviewed presentations that give sufficient information for public in a simple, direct and effective way.

We have also held more than 30 sessions in Bibliotheca Alexandria concerning many diseases like Stroke, Shoulder impingement, advice before sports, etc.… covering a huge sector of our community.

Clarify the wrong daily habits.
Elaborate the negative reflections of bad postures.
Discuss the causes of most common physical dysfunctions
Introduce important daily exercises for wellbeing and health improvement


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